+ 45 MIN

+ 45 MIN

When you have close to a full hour or more, this is the collection to click! Longer workouts to take care in depth of everything you need.

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+ 45 MIN
  • Monthly Meeting August

    The ribcage is such an important part of our anatomy and it's so fundamental to include these exercises in our goal to give freedom and balance to the body. Do the workout "Ribcage Melt" and listen to the webinar for a more complete experience.

  • Monthly Meeting July

    Lots of questions about the feet and how to get them healthier and stronger!

  • June Monthly Call

    Hip Replacement, fascia and foot health questions.

  • Live Yoga Talita

    An amazing Yoga flow with Talita Moss

  • May Monthly Call

    Wonderful meeting! Lots of questions, answers and updates!

  • Preventing Hip Replacement - 1h

    Level 3 - Pace Moderate
    All that you need to do to get your hips strong and prevent hip replacement. Proprioception, reinforcement, MFS, GPS and of course ELDOA! We need to stop the process of osteoarthritis as soon as possible in the joint by creating space! Beyond the important goal of this wor...

  • April Monthly Call

    Discover ELDOA and learn about the method to get the most out of the ELDOA classes!

    Link for the pelvis: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GBZKL65/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_7?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1

  • Intro al metodo ELDOA

    Questo webinar vuole aiutare chi non ha mai fatto ELDOA e vuole avere alcune nozioni per capire meglio le classi.

  • Journey Thru Yoga - Webinar

    Talita Moss introduces us to her program "Journey Thru Yoga"

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class inspired by Water

    Vinyasa style class with Sun Salutations and flows. A well-rounded, fluid practice inspired by Water, with introductory and standing balancing poses, including Bridge, Boat, Half-Moon, Tree, Warrior III, Camel, and Happy Baby. Suggested props: 2 yoga blocks and padding for knees as needed.

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class inspired by Air

    A challenging class with modifications offered so that you can feel supported and successful in this exploration of more advanced asanas (poses). Inspired by Air, focus on arm balances that challenge you to find equilibrium between effort and ease. Prepare to take flight in Crow, Side-Crow, Sage ...

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class inspire by the Heart

    Open your anatomical and metaphysical Heart with backbends, binds and shoulder stretches. Focus on the chest with Reverse Table, Sphinx, Locust, Reverse Plank, Wild Thing and Bow pose. Bind with Gomukhasana, Lunge, Humble Warrior, Side-Angle, Locust. Suggested props: 2 yoga blocks, a yoga strap o...

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class inspired by Fire

    Ignite transformation and invite release of the old to make space for the new in this practice inspired by Fire, with focus on twists. Warm up your spine and your pelvis and dive into Hero, Seated Twist, Twisted Lunge, Twisted Triangle, Twisted Half-Moon, Twisted Chair and Supine Twist. Suggeste...

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class Inspired by Earth

    A grounding practice with hip and shoulder focus, inspired by the Earth element. Move through Sun Salutations, Standing Split, Eagle, Dancer, Goddess, Lizard, Side-Plank, and explore deeper progressions with Twisted Lizard, Sugarcane pose (Half-Moon with a Bind) and Partridge (Side Plank with a B...

  • De-Stress with Your Breath

    De-Stress with your Breath is a workshop that everyone needs: learn how to regulate your nervous system and manage stress with a few simple and accessible exercises.
    Instructor: Tara Bianca

  • January Monthy Call

    "Winter Sports" is the theme of the month. More questions are answered in the call.

  • Challenge your FASCIA - 51 min

    Level 3 - Pace: fast
    A moving and quick paced workout that will challenge and pamper your fascia at the same time! The most important myofascial stretching and ELDOA to feel lighter taller and energetic!

  • Pilates & ELDOA #1 - 48 min

    Level 2 - Pace: Moderate
    Yes! So many of you asked me about this unique and powerful cocktail!
    In this class we use a basic/intermediate Pilates Mat to prepare the ELDOA that comes in the second part of the class. Pilates can be a great (and FUN) way to prepare the ELDOA work without always repea...

  • Holiday Class - 2021 - 1hour 8 min

    This is a fun way to say goodbye to 2021 and thank you to all of you FEET-NESS Members!
    We start with a standing osteo-articular warm up, followed by a Pilates Mat, squats, Myo-fascial stretching and ELDOA!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Monthly Call December

    Hyper-Mobility is the theme of the month. More questions are answered in the call. Also some highlights for 2022 are provided.

  • Monthly Call November

    This monthly call focuses on the theme of the month - Overpronation - but it also includes different questions regarding the squat and other foot pathologies.
    Link to the bar: https://shopbala.com/products/the-beam?color=charcoal&size=25-lb

  • ELDOA Intro Class Nov 10

  • Monthly Call October

    Stay up to date with everything that is going on with FEET-NESS!

  • Overpronation from the ground up! - 41 min

    Level 2 – Pace: Moderate
    Overpronation shows at the feet, but it’s connected to a misalignment at the legs and pelvis. It affects the whole body and that’s why is very important to address it quickly and aggressively. We’ll take care of the specific foot reinforcement with the Rescue LOOP and we’...