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The hamstrings DO NOT exist

UNDER 15 MIN • 11m

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  • Wunda Chair low back

    Level 2 - Pace: moderate
    In this workout we’ll focus on all those exercises that help create strength, flexibility and SPACE in the low back!
    The push down, the pull up, spine stretch forward, horseback and many other exercises will help us going deep into the log C-curve to fine the strength fro...

  • Leg Circles

    Open Level
    This is a very challenging exercise although it's included in the beginner sequence.
    Difficult to execute correctly when the range of motion is limited by tight hamstrings but also because of the difficulty to stabilize the rest of the body while the leg is moving. I'll give you a cou...

  • Detorsion of the Fascia Iliaca

    Open Level - Pace: Slow
    Dive into the intricate web of the ilio-psoas fascia, a crucial component intertwining with various joints within the limbo-pelvic complex and the abdominal cavity's internal organs. Discover how disruptions in this fascia can reverberate across the body, affecting numerou...