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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Abs Library #2 - 19 min


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  • Abs library #1 - 26 min

    Level 1/2 - Pace: Moderate
    The abs are important for both stability and movement! It’s important to know how to work them out in all ranges of motion to allow our backs to articulate and also protect our internal organs.
    In this class we’ll start working with the rectus abdomini which is the mus...

  • Balance - 20 min

    Level 1 Pace: slow
    In this workout we’ll use the chair to sit on while we work on the feet and to hold on to it while we work on strengthening the pelvis and improving our balance. This class can be adapted for a wide range of levels, and it presents important ideas to work on balance with differ...

  • Pump it up #3 - 30 min

    Pump it Up #3
    Level 2 – Pace: Moderate
    Execute this class after “Pump it Up #1 and #2”. In this class we’ll work with the external rotators, internal rotators, the glute medius, glute max, psoas and abs. Now you know the entire sequence of the circulatory gymnastics and your next step is to execu...