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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Ankle Sprain



  • Zoom Call - Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

    Farah Alani, a New York City foot and ankle surgeon and the founder of To Healthy Feet Podiatry, was out guest speaker to talk to us about the Hallux Valgus. Her presentation answered very important questions we had regarding the bunion and every Members who participated live was thrilled for the...

  • It Depends! - Chelsea Corley

    Chelsea's presentation is very useful for instructors that want to up their teaching and also for clients that want to progress in their fitness journey. As instructors sometimes we talk too much until our cues and voice become less and less relevant to the client before us. And as clients, somet...

  • Nutrition & Osteoporosis

    Speaker Ashelii Perez: Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of HealthyKitchenHappyLife.
    Learn how nutrition can help us deal with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Ashelii will teach us about the quality of the different nutrients and she will also give us some easy-to-do recipes.