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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Leg Circles

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  • Glutes and feet

    Glutes and Feet
    Glutes and feet are far away but they affect one another very much! Mostly when we think at the gluteus maximum superficial we can appreciate the reciprocity of these two parts of the body. We work different fibers of G max deep and superficial and then we’ll dive into the feet fo...

  • Why Rescue LOOP

    Note from the founder:

    I’ve been focusing on this important part of our body since 2016 when I started creating a method of exercises that makes it easier for everyone to take care of the foundations and include the feet in the workout. This method of exercises is supported by Rescue LOOP™, a ti...

  • Wunda Chair low back

    Level 2 - Pace: moderate
    In this workout we’ll focus on all those exercises that help create strength, flexibility and SPACE in the low back!
    The push down, the pull up, spine stretch forward, horseback and many other exercises will help us going deep into the log C-curve to fine the strength fro...