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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Overpronation from the ground up! - 41 min



  • Ankle Sprain from the ground up! - 20...

    Level 2 - Pace: Slow
    Have you ever sprained your ankle? Did you do a proper rehab? If you didn’t that’s why your ankle sprains are recurring over and over. Our body is very much connected, and we can’t stop at the ankle for a good rehab, we need to go a little higher up! Check out the Guide for A...

  • Lifting the Arch L1 - 6 min

    Level 1 - Pace: Slow
    The foot has a CORE, and we need to make it as strong as our abs. The vault of the foot sometimes collapses and puts our whole body in danger of compensation. With this quick sequence you’ll give the foot a boost of activation in just 6 min!

  • Foot Focus Level 3 Workout B - 9 min

    Level 3 - Pace: Moderate
    If you reached level 3 you are a pro! Congratulations let’s have some fun!
    Level 3 workout A is part of the FOOT FOCUS program that develops over 9 weeks and that will help you increase the range of motion, strength and coordination of your feet!
    Remember that the key is ...