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  • The hamstrings DO NOT exist

    Levle 2
    The hamstrings DO NOT exist because we need to address them individually and not as a complex.
    This is a focused tutorial/class that will allow us to be specific on the reinforcement and stretch of all different hamstrings: Bicep femoris with its two heads, Semitendinosus and Semimembran...

  • Glutes and feet

    Glutes and Feet
    Glutes and feet are far away but they affect one another very much! Mostly when we think at the gluteus maximum superficial we can appreciate the reciprocity of these two parts of the body. We work different fibers of G max deep and superficial and then we’ll dive into the feet fo...

  • Beginner Mat with Towel - 19 min

    Level 1 - Pace: Moderate
    Enjoy this quick beginner Mat with Towel. It’s a fun workout even for intermediate and advanced students! The towel helps us get better spinal articulation and also helps us connect the arms to the power house! Let’s find the core and deepen our work thanks to the help of...

  • Legs up! - 23 min

    Legs up!
    Level 2 - Pace: Slow
    In this class we get ready for L5-S1. We’ll warm up, stretch, and get our lumbar spine ready to execute L5-S1! It’s a great workout when you have tension at the lumbar spine and need some extra help! Relatively easy, quick and efficient to bring you back to life when...