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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Pump it up #2 - 29 min



  • Pump it up #3 - 30 min

    Pump it Up #3
    Level 2 – Pace: Moderate
    Execute this class after “Pump it Up #1 and #2”. In this class we’ll work with the external rotators, internal rotators, the glute medius, glute max, psoas and abs. Now you know the entire sequence of the circulatory gymnastics and your next step is to execu...

  • Creative Int Mat with the Ball - 23 min

    Level 2-3. Pace: Fast
    This Mat will teach that a prop (like the ball) can be used in many different ways: to lift the hips, lift the feet, challenge your teaser... we'll also roll the ball on the floor and pretend we are on the reformer. Leave out exercises if they are too advanced, move safely a...

  • Pelvis and FEET - 22 min

    Level 2. Pace: Moderate
    In this workout we’ll work with the Pilates FOOT CORRECTOR and with RESCUE LOOP! We’ll use these apparatuses to focus on the connection between the feet and the pelvis. Small movements, apparently easy exercises that will make you sweat! 😜
    I suggest having a pole or a wall...