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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

Monday-Stretchy Mat - 44 min



  • Squat Journey #4 - 34 min

    Squat Journey #4
    Levle 2. Pace: Moderate
    In this 3rd class we’ll maintain 3 components (retroversion, glutes and axial extension) and we'll add all the other components.
    The SQUAT is an amazing tool! It’s a full body workout that focuses on alignment and improves our posture and gravity line!

  • Abs Library #4 - 19 min

    Abs Library #3: Rotation & Side-bending
    Level 2 - Pace: Moderate
    The abs are important for both stability and movement! It’s important to know how to work them out in all ranges of motion to allow our backs to articulate and also protect our internal organs.

  • Pump it Up #1 - 27 min

    Pump it Up #1
    Level 2 – Pace: Moderate
    This is the first video of the Circulatory Gymnastics. Stimulating the blood return is very important for varicose veins, post-delivery and it’s also a GREAT lower body workout!
    In this first class we’ll work on the feet and legs. Stay tuned for #2 and #3 to...