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Watch this video and more on FEET-NESS Membership

9 Parts of the Abs - 9 min

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  • INTRO to ELDOA: General - 23 min

    Open Level - Pace: Moderate
    In this first ELDOA class we’ll explore the “how and the why” we position the limbs in certain ways. This is one important aspect of the whole ELDOA method. Once you learn these basic rules, you’ll be able to adapt them to any ELDOA posture or Myofascial stretching.

  • Anti-Gravity ELDOA - 40 min

    Level 2 - Pace: Moderate
    ELDOA has the characteristics to defy gravity but when you deal with a curvature in the spine (scoliosis) the anti-gravity component is even more important. ELDOA is great for different purposes and it’s very helpful with cases of scoliosis
    Warm up, L1-L2, T11-T12,T12-L1...

  • Journey Thru Yoga: Class Inspired by ...

    A grounding practice with hip and shoulder focus, inspired by the Earth element. Move through Sun Salutations, Standing Split, Eagle, Dancer, Goddess, Lizard, Side-Plank, and explore deeper progressions with Twisted Lizard, Sugarcane pose (Half-Moon with a Bind) and Partridge (Side Plank with a B...